about us


Renu-Karoo veld Restoration was founded in the Karoo village of Prince Albert by ecologists Richard Dean and Sue Milton-Dean in 2008 to provide plants, seeds and consulting services to companies and individuals engaged in efforts to restore damaged Karoo veld.

Renu-Karoo is registered as a Flora Grower and Seller with CapeNature. We also do contract growing of Karoo plants for the medicinal and aromatic plant industries and for special projects in Karoo areas. Bertus Fourie, the nursery manager has qualifications in both Nature Conservation and Horticulture.


Our approach is to work closely with nature. We use no artificial fertilisers or pesticides in the production of our plants and seeds.


Our vision is to assist with the restoration of damaged veld, and promote beautiful indigenous Karoo gardens that are waterwise, low maintenance and are habitat for wildlife such as bees, butterflies, lizards and birds often threatened by urbanisation and rural development.

We propagate over 500 Karoo plant species for use in restoration, landscaping and gardens.

Business Registration Details

Registration No. 1998/068599/23 

VAT No. 4090300627

Central Supplier Database (CSD) No. MAAA0020809

CapeNature Grower/Seller No. CN47/53-3844

We are BBBEE compliant