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Renu-Karoo specialises in growing Karoo trees, shrubs, succulents and grasses for use in ecological restoration, landscaping and gardens in Karoo areas.  We also grow Karoo plants used medicinally or for production of aromatic oils. For more information, click on the links below:

Karoo Shrubs & Bossies

We grow a large selection of dwarf shrubs (Karoo bossies) including many species of Asteraceae including Athanasia, Dicerothamnus, Dicoma, Dimorphotheca, Euryops, Felicia, Helichrysum, Hirpicium, Oedera, Osteospermum, Pegolettia, Pentzia, Pteronia and more. Our stock includes genera seldom encountered in nurseries such as lammerlat (Asclepias), Pop rosie (Hermannia), blom biesie (Menodora), klapperbos (Nymannia), soet-suiker-tee (Pollichia) and Karoo gold (Rhigozum). Our range for saline soils includes Atriplex, Manochlamys and Salsola. Click on the links below to find out more:


All the succulent plants produced at Renu-Karoo are indigenous to South Africa and 90% are from the Karoo. They include Adromischus, Aloe, Aloinopsis, Anacampseros, Antimima, Argyroderma, Bijlia, Ceropegia, Cheiridopsis, Cotyledon, Crassothonna, Crassula, Curio, Drosanthemum, Duvalia, Euphorbia, Faucaria, Glottiphyllum, Haworthia, Hereroa, Hoodia, Kleinia, Lampranthus, Machairophyllum, Orbea, Piaranthus, Pleiospilos, Rabaea, Ruschia, Sceletium, Stapelia, Stomatium, Tridentea, Tylecodon and more! Click on the links below to find out more:

Price List

You can view our diverse range of plant species, their availability and prices by downloading our inventory via the link below.