production nursery

About Production

At the Renu-Karoo farm nursery we grow all our own indigenous plant stock from seeds and cuttings. We follow a natural seasonal planting cycle and low tech methods with no artificial heating or cooling. This results in hardy plants.


We work with nature, producing our own planting mixes from composted garden waste. We do not use pesticides or fungicides and encourage birds to use the nursery by supplying drinking water and bird baths. Pest control is no problem in our nursery because of the great diversity of plants and the insect control by birds, lizards and spiders that are welcome in our nursery.



To visit the production nursery, view our range, or to discuss contract growing, wholesale purchase of plants & seed, please contact Bertus Fourie on 0826509792 or email

We offer good advice to Karoo gardeners because we have learned from our experiments with a wide range of Karoo trees, shrubs, succulents and grasses, and know when and where to establish the plants and how to mix them in landscaping and gardens.

The plants we produce are sold to landscapers or via our retail nursery in the village of Prince Albert. We also do specialist contract growing of plugs (seedlings) of indigenous Karoo plants, aromatic and medicinal plants. The range of seeds for restoration work are cleaned, packed and stored at the production nursery. To view or collect seeds please arrange in advance.