Our Seeds

We supply widespread, common grasses and shrubs (Karoo bossies). We collect wild seed and also grow some of the seed in genetically diverse populations in seed orchards. We partially clean the seed and sell it by the kilogram. It has not been treated with pesticides and is therefore safe for wildlife. 

We advise our clients on the seeds most suitable for their geographical area and habitat. We also provide advice on site preparation and on when to sow the seeds. This seed is primarily used for the restoration of Karoo veld on farms and on construction sites, by engineering and hydroseeding companies and lifestyle farmers. Other clients include landscapers working on large private or commercial properties, hotels, guest farms and company offices.

Price List

You can view our wild-collected and orchard-grown Karoo seed prices and availability via the link below.

Guide Documents

Below is a list of species of grasses and shrubs for which we supply seed. Follow the links for information in English / Afrikaans.


Cenchrus ciliaris (Eng/Afr)

Chaetobromus involucratus  (Eng/Afr)

Ehrharta calycina (Eng/Afr)

Fingerhuthia africana (Eng/Afr)

Stipagrostis namaquensis (Eng)

Stipagrostis obtusa (Eng/Afr)

Stipagrostis ciliata (Eng/Afr)

Themeda triandra (Eng)

Shrubs & Bossies

Pteronia glauca (Eng/Afr)
Pteronia incana (Eng/Afr)
Pteronia viscosa (Eng/Afr)
Rhigozum obovatum (Eng)
Searsia (Rhus) burchellii
Salsola aphylla (Eng/Afr)

Salsola calluna (Eng/Afr)
Sericocoma avolans (Eng/Afr)
Tetragonia spicata & T. fruticosa (Eng/Afr)

Dimorphotheca sinuata
Pentzia (Onchosiphon) suffruticosa (Eng)
Dicoma picta (Afr)
Eriocephalus ericoides  (Eng/Afr)
Garuleum bipinnatum (Eng/Afr)
Limaeum aethiopicum (Eng/Afr)

Osteospermum (Tripteris) sinuatum (Eng/Afr)
Pentzia incana (Eng/Afr)
Portulacaria afra (Eng/Afr)
Pteronia adenocarpa (Eng/Afr)

Restoration Methods

For information on how to prepare your site for veld and bare ground reseeding, click on the links below: